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Aeon Flux season 3 episode 6 Reraizure

28 Nov Narghil

Memory and the way it shapes people is the main theme of this episode. After a Monican agent is captured, Aeon, disguised as a Breen soldier, infiltrates the prison where he’s being kept. During her move in the building, she kills a woman who, we’ll learn later, is the agent’s girl friend. The agent, Rordy, has lost his memory because of a strange small creature, called a Narghile. It produces inside its body a drug, shaped as a pearl they name“Bliss”, that makes the one who consumes it lose his or her memory.

At the end of the episode, we can hear Trevor who says “We are not what we remember of ourselves […] Learn from your mistakes so that one day you will be able to repeat them precisely.” It is so cynic, but I think this applies to a good many of us.

To illustrate this thinking, the characters in the episode are dogged by their mistakes whether they remember them or not. Aeon falls in love with the agent she frees, Rordy, and decides to help him send all the Narghiles to the sun, since they cannot be killed otherwise, while she comforts him by becoming his new girl friend. As Aeon feels guilty for having killed Rordy’s girl friend, she confesses her crime to him. Rordy gets furious and rejects Aeon. The now dead girl friend, Muriel, had betrayed Rordy, cheating on him with Trevor. She was supposed to team up with Rordy to help to the Narghiles’ extinction, because she had also been affected by loss of memory because of the Bliss drug. Rordy, totally worned out when Aeon reveals him the betrayal, decides again to dope himself with a Bliss pearl as to commit a mental suicide. In the last scene Aeon finds Rordy in his bathtub. He can’t recognize her anymore and even doesn’t know where he is. Things have come full circle.

I found hard to draw a moral from the episode. I believe, the scenario is quiet confuse because scenes do not follow on very well. There are too many things that happen and too quickly, making me confused. However the end saves the whole by giving a clear sensation that fate could not be cheated. I felt sorry for Aeon who for once seemed to be really in love with a man.