Aeon Flux season 3 episode 10 End Sinister

1 Dec

What is “absurd” in this episode? It is that Peter Chung does not appear in the credit! Otherwise the story is pretty common and normal in the science fiction world. I hadn’t imagine I could use those two words to describe Aeon Flux though.

While Trevor imagines a new process that would enable only the strongest human beings to survive, to create his artificial evolution chain, an alien spaceship crashes in his property.  Aeon meets with one of the alien who has been ejected from the spaceship in a capsule. The female alien (it is said she is by Trevor and Aeon) has no genital organ, no mouth and no nose. Trevor believes that her spiritual way to appreciate things is the highest step in the human evolution, whereas Aeon, of course, thinks that not being able to feel physical pleasure is a pity. This is maybe the only thing that can be related to the spirit of the show. Aeon, who is usually provocative, independent and as curious as a 5 years old child, is rather, in this episode, the “girl-friend” type. Even though she opposes to Trevor in his idea, it seems that the real point of the story here is for her to run after Trevor. Aeon tries to release Trevor from the Alien ascendancy. She is more devoted than ever. At one point, she panics because Trevor takes off in a spaceship, with the alien, where Aeon has placed a bomb earlier. She has just enough time to avert him, by telepathy, so that he can drop the bomb off the spaceship. She looks so desperate during that scene that I wondered if she hadn’t had a brainwash between episode 9 and episode 10.

Now Trevor is at thousand light years from her, Aeon decides to wait for his return and enters in a long artificial sleep in the capsule that originally brought the alien on earth. When she awakes, the earth is now inhabited by the aliens. She finds Trevor who has half mutated, looking like one of the alien. I find that scenario is a little bit too cliché. There are numerous references to the bible, such as a snake that can be seen near Aeon and Trevor when they realize they are the only two humans who left on earth. Aeon turns on the button of the “human evolution” machine that Trevor had built years ago, and a huge laser, under the shape of a snake, falls from space on earth. Suddenly, the “alien” population get infected by a sort of virus and the survivors decide to leave the Earth. Aeon and Trevor ends up like the new Adam and Eve.

I assume these christian references are bound to the director’s (Howard Baker) background, the same way that I wouldn’t write a story about original sin and women because I am not christian. However, for having seen or read a great number of American SF works, I have a little enough of always being served the same story with those religious issues and poor roles for women. I am expecting from artists to go beyond their cultural environment and brain washing references to create something new, original and maybe personal.


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