South Park, The imaginationland

16 Nov

This three acts movie deals with popular imagery, censure and 21st century needs of artefacts. The boys of South Park are led into Imaginationland where all American icons appear, from the clown Ronald McDonald’s to the turtle ninja including Santa Claus, Jesus and Captain planet. Those “good” characters are separated from evil ones by a simple wall that arabian-like terrorists want to make explode.

I think this Imaginationland well represents America’s imaginary and fantasies. Icons as commercial as Ronald McDonald’s or Wonder Woman are as symbolic as Jesus or Santa Claus. Pagan and sacred are put on the same level which reveals todays USA’s culture. This iconoclast world is endangered by terrorists which from my point of view also make part of Imaginationland, that is America’s popular imagery that wants American values are always threatened by the exterior world.

The real terror here might be the censure whether it is aimed for by the terrorists or by the American government. The wall that the terrorists are threatening to destroy represents in my sense, the censure. Its destruction is either a symbol of obscurantism as a criticize of the over parental advisory or yet government control on culture. The Imaginationland gathers every powerful and well-known american icons that some, like terrorists, would like to bring down because they think they represents all what they hate. On the other hand, the American government, to avoid bad imagination be released in the real world, simply decides to “nuke” the door which leads to Imaginationland. To keep control over the population, the government prefers shut down even “proper” imagination than leaving a chance to “evils”, let’s say what wouldn’t please pressure groups, to enter the society. It can be seen in that decision a criticize of the effect of censure. It kills even good ideas! As to illustrate it, Night Shyamalan or yet Michael Bay are featured here like having no idea, repeating the same scheme that worked once again and again. Interviewed by the president of the US, they can’t figure out a way to save the imaginationland. Out of desperation, even Mel Gibson is asked to find a “good” idea.

I think the wall should be destroyed so that much unpolitically correct programs such as South Park could see the light of day. The boys of south Park succeed in showing that those characters from the pop culture, that is from TV or yet comics, are a necessity for people to feel unified as one culture and making an impassioned plea that pop culture artifacts are something sacred in the twentieth century.


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