Aeon Flux season 3 episode 4 A Last Time for Everything

11 Nov

The fourth episode of this season strenghtens a little more again the complexity of the two main characters, Aeon Flux and Trevor Goodchild.

This time Trevor develops a method for creating human duplicates. Aeon’s misson is to raid the lab where the clones are made and to destroy it.  During the raid Aeon confronts Trevor and frees a partner of her he was trying to duplicate. Meanwhile she allows Trevor to think he has secretly sampled her as well and then leaves. With the sample Trevor now has the possibility to duplicate his lover to his own pleasure. However, Aeon still wants to put an end to Trevor’s experiences and exchanges her place with her clone. The plan is to distract Trevor while the clone destroys the lab, and meanwhile to manipulate his emotions.

The viewer’s feelings are once again diverted. We expect to see Aeon and Trevor as frivolous characters who only aimed to fulfil their own (sadomasochistic) pleasure. However, though in this episode they still act for their own interest, they are shown as sensitive human beings and above all: reasonable. Trevor does not realize at first that the real Aeon took the place of the clone in his bed, and rejects her because he seems to realise that he can only love the real one, as a clone will never have her personality. Aeon, in contact with Trevor, begins to forget about her mission and think about betraying Monica. She even gets transformed in a regular woman. Her hair gets straightened and she adopts a much more casual look. She now wears a jeans and a jumper and has smoother features. Those changes make the viewer think that Aeon is ready to leave her eccentric life to settle down with Trevor. I found her so much more pretty like this but a casual lovely Aeon Flux would mean there is no show anymore.

When the clone meets Aeon, she sais that Aeon is pathetic. The Aeon clone looks like the real one now, strong, forward, selfish and ultra sexy, as if the director wanted to tell us that the happy end “they got married and had many children” would make no sence. Indeed, at the end of the episode, the real Aeon gets killed by the security guns of Trevor’s estate while the clone succeeds in cross border to Monica. Trevor, who watched the scene and realizes that he had been with the real Aeon, now lying dead in his arms, lets the fake leave, as if he was hoping to see her again.

 I like the fact that the viewer is not given a chance to expect a change in the story. Though we have been introduced to a deviation of the scenario, the death of the “regular” Aeon brings us back to the essence of Aeon Flux. It is totally off its trolley and it has to continue this way.


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