Aeon Flux season 3, episode 1 Utopia or Deuteranopia?

2 Nov

Obviously, the third season has a new format: the episodes are now longer. They are twenty minutes in length and above all, the characters are now talkative. Somehow, I think the fact characters now have more of a voice makes an episode last longer. Indeed, in the first and second season the characters were extremely articulate and expressive. A few mimics or movements could express a whole sentence. In the third season however, the characters are much less expressive, partly because they talk, and have smoother features. Now long sequences are shot on characters’ faces while they are talking. The dialogues takes the attention away from the image. I have to admit that when I watched this episode I felt a little bit disappointed because I was getting used to the atmosphere of the previous episodes. Gildemere, a loyal Breen who tries to demask Goodchild, says to Aeon ” You are crazy”. This season was broadcast in 1995, three years after the first two seasons, but for those who knew the show before, it is obvious that Aeon is crazy, there was no need to add it in  dialogue.

Nevertheless, speech adds a good point to the show. The viewer now knows a little more about Aeon Flux’s world. There are the Monicans, whom Aeon belongs to, and the Breen, people of Bregna, governed by Trevor Goodchild.

In this episode we learn Trevor took the power of Bregna by sheer force. Aeon searches for Clavius, the former ruler of Bregna, who Trevor has held captive. True to the formula, in Aeon Flux everything is not black or white. Though Trevor Goodchild illegally became governor and set up an omnipotent surveillance system, he really seems to believe he is doing this for true justice. It appears later in the episode that Clavius is actually totally insane and thus that it is not so bad Trevor governs.

Also, the relationship between Aeon and Trevor is clarified. In the two first seasons depending on the episode, they were lovers, enemies, targets or indifferent to each other. Here they appear like old lovers who really know about one another but who can’t be together because they are natural enemies, and somehow can’t stand to be together.

I rated this episode 3/5 because I feel like Aeon Flux has lost a bit of its essence with this format, but on the other hand it still spontaneous, which I appreciate in this show.


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