Aeon Flux Season 2 episode 4 – Tide 3/5

13 Oct

I had to watch this episode twice to get the meaning. I confess I was removing my make up the first time I watched it so I might have missed some important details that could have been helpful in understanding what happened in the episode while I rubbed my eyes with a disk of cotton. At first sight I thought the three characters, Aeon, Trevor Goodchild and a second woman wearing a red suit, were stuck in another dimension where the same scene repeated endlessly (at least during 3 minutes) but this was not the case.

Aeon and a red-suited partner are on an elevator at an offshore facility trying to prevent a plug from being removed by a rope key draped from a hovering helicopter by shooting at it. At the same time they have to keep an eye on Trevor Goodchild, who they are keeping captive in the elevator. When Aeon returns to the elevator Trevor has overpowered the partner and attempts to leave, pressing all of the elevator’s level buttons but he is stopped by Aeon so he throws the numbered keys away. When retrieving it, Aeon accidentally rips off the attached numbered label, so it is unknown which keys correspond to which levels. Starts a cycle on different floors where Aeon repeats the leave elevator-shoot at soldiers-try key-shoot plug key-return to elevator.

I give a 3/5 to this episode because of the complexity of the scenario. I think that, though I may not have been in the perfect viewing condition when seeing the first time, it is not that well represented, in particular the numbered keys part. I assume I am not the only one who encountered trouble comprehending this episode especially those people who saw it when it originally aired on MTV at a time when DVR did not exist. 

The funny part is when the red-suited woman retrieves the cap that, let us say it, looks like a giant dildo! What is even more funny is that she seems to have no idea of what to do with it while we know she is rather skilled in this domain. In one of the previous scenes she is licking Trevor Goodchild’s tit and would have probably have gotten further is she had not been disrupted by Aeon’s returned in the elevator.


One Response to “Aeon Flux Season 2 episode 4 – Tide 3/5”

  1. Lauraeon October 18, 2010 at 9:40 pm #

    I was looking for some informations about aeon flux and I “run” into your blog… GORGEOUS !! I so wanna watch the show now, even if you already told us everything about it, so clearly.
    I hope you managed to remove your make up as perfectly as you write.


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