Aeon Flux Season 2 episode 3 – Leisure 5/5

12 Oct

Episode 3 is probably the most absurd among the four episodes I have watched until now,with its play-withing-the-play theme. Aeon, this time, is in her appartment where she finds Goodchild in a cupboard, who is reduced to a shady laboratory rat that she ignores. Nevertheless, a shot on the man’s intense eyes briefly reminds the audience the link that binds both of them. Outside, Aeon looks at a male member of her organization awkwardly doing parallel bars and cannot resist showing off by doing exercices too. For once she is doing well and is gracious. She then finds an alien egg in a UFO which she then breaks on purpose. She watches the tiny alien under a microscope and plays with the micro baby alien with a mechanical arm until killing it.

In the following scene, Aeon faces an adult alien, that looks the same as the baby but is huge. She flees through a cage the alien has just taken down. Though she is agile, the alien, by its morphology, is even more agile. It catches up to Aeon and devours her as.

I like the concept of this episode because it uses a reverse concept. I like it even more that there are several levels of understanding because of the abyme. In her world, Aeon Flux is the one who does something at leisure, like parallel bars or killing insignifiant beast for pleasure. In the alien’s world where she is smaller and thus less powerful, she is the one who is reduced to the size of an insect. The tables are turned. However, I can’t feel pity this time for Aeon Flux because I think what happens to her in the end is pretty fair. This is a good criticism of what human beings are doing to nature. Just imagine you are the laboratory rat that is dissected. You would end up like this…

Also, the bars Aeon Flux uses at first to play, then to flee, form a cage which recalls that a leisure instrument might as well be a prison. It is not a stretch to say that this is as a parallel to those activities we do for leisure, like video games, sports, or even social networking sites, which some people get hooked on and cannot escape.

To sum up, this episode is a well rounded satire of society that is still as blunt as the other episode, though it gave me a little more to think about.


One Response to “Aeon Flux Season 2 episode 3 – Leisure 5/5”

  1. pantsburglar October 29, 2010 at 12:15 am #

    Yeah, so. This was really well done. What i said in response to your first post really doesn’t seem to matter anymore, because every other post is pretty much perfect.

    Keep that uhh, keep it up.

    -Edward (The Best) TA

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