Aeon Flux Season 2 Episode 2 – Mirror 4/5

12 Oct

In another case, I would have been up in arms against this umpteenth super woman in a cartoon who is half naked with her abnormally huge gravity defying breasts, but if it is Aeon Flux, well, why not…Contrary to her wonder woman fellows, she has normal girl concerns and like normal girls, she is nowhere near perfect. In this episode she breaks into a building via the ventilation. When going down from a ladder to enter a corridor she decids to land on the floor making a back jump that turns into a ridiculous stunt and she eventually ends up with her legs under her head. When Aeon Flux realizes her pitiful arrival in the building has been recorded by a security camera she just feels ashamed and forgets her mission for a moment to hijack the tape. I found that funny that the director, again, plays with modern heroine stereotypes. Yes, Aeon Flux is a big boobed femme fatale wearing latex, but yes, it also demands a lot of care to maintain this image. She spills coffe on her arm but takes time  to find a shower to wash it. She accidentally gets her hair wet by the shower-head so she needs to redo her hair in front of a mirror. 

 As a matter of fact, the episode is called mirror, likely to introduce us to the interest Aeon has in her own appearence. However it rather sounds like vanity and is maybe a little cutting remark to all women who spend too much time in front of the mirror making themselves up. Chung may have often waited for his girl friend before going out for a dinner. Here he imagines the consequences of make-up delays. The secret agent gets outstripped by Goodchild who kills her target while she is looking at herself in the mirror. True to the formula, she gets herself killed.

This time I just gave a 4/5 because I find unfair to punish Aeon for her vanity. Men find “natural” women beautiful, but they also forget that “naturally” beautiful women do not exist.


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