Aeon Flux – First Episode season 1 – Pilot 5/5

6 Oct

The first thing that struck me when I started to watch the pilot of Aeon Flux is the ultra design of this cartoon. I had no idea of what awaited me as I had never heard of it before. I just chose this show because I like cartoons better than other tv shows. Characters’ bodies and faces are drawn in an exagerated way : neverending tapering legs and arms, geometric shoulders, facial expressions and features pushed at their extreme. There is something gross in those drawings of human characters who somehow look so real. « Gross » might be what I felt all along the episode, and I assume this is what the director, Peter Chung, wanted to make the audience feel. Indeed, as the episode is non speaking, images are to be even stronger to get the message across the audience. The plot, however, may be  just an excuse for the creator to depict aspects of human brutality : violence and sex.

The episode summon burlesque. A female character, all dressed in a minimalist black latex suit, breaks into a building where two army factions kill each others, dying soldiers wandering in a pool of blood among literally mountains of dead bodies. Their swollen veins as well as some characters’hallucinations make us understand that a virus is going around. Aeon, the woman, seems to be part of another organization as she shots everything that is moving and is looking for a man that she might have been ordered to eliminate. When Aeon kicks, blood gushes out of ennemies; when she moves, her body seems to be over articulated, her shapes are aggressives. Here, beauty and delicacy are not where we are used to find it. A tear drops from the eye of an ennemie while a man, Trevor Goodchild, governor of the city, is outrageously licking his lover’s ear. Our expectations from images and senses are diverted.

During her ascent to the top of the building, Aeon steps on a tack that gets into the heel of one of her shoe, and at the moment she eventually reaches her target and is about to shot it, the tack goes deeper in her own heel. She gets hurt, loses her balance, falls and dies. This is not the end of the story and this turns gorgeously absurd.

 This episode was basically a serial of six parts of 2 or 3 minutes each shown on MTV, and thus formed the first season that the 2005 DVD version combined into one short film of 12 minutes.


One Response to “Aeon Flux – First Episode season 1 – Pilot 5/5”

  1. pantsburglar October 29, 2010 at 12:11 am #

    Kind of wish you explained more about what you liked and didn’t like about the episode, like you did when you were explaining about why you liked Anime, in fact that’s how you get an A in the project, so try to do that in your future posts.

    -Edward (The Best) TA

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